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Welcome to the exciting world of Contact Lenses!

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Contact Lenses.

Contact lenses are available in various types and brands.
If you have never worn contact lenses before, you will need an appointment in order to establish which lenses may best suit you and your eyes.
With the examination complete and having established that you (a) can wear contact lenses and (b)which type you should begin with, you will then be given a trial set of lenses.
You will need to wear these as prescribed by the optometrist and return for a check-up.
This process may be quick or a little longer depending on how your eyes adapt to the prescribed lenses and as to whether the brand of lens chosen works or needs to be changed to accommodate your eyes.


For those starting out and fitting contact lenses for the first time,follow this link . It will help you with inserting and removing your contact lenses.

A few types of lenses that may be considered

Daily lenses are ideal for the active person, sporting person or a person that does not wish to wear contact lenses everyday.
Daily lenses are lenses that you put in your eyes in the morning and throw away at the end of each day.
This is convenient as the lenses require no placing into solutions or fussing over.
Another big advantage is that the lenses are less likely to pick up any strange impurity that may irritate the eyes.
Weekly lenses are used in the similar way to daily. They are intended for longer use where a person wears them every day and sometimes for longer periods.
These contact lenses can be worn for 7 days without being removed or for 2 weeks if removed at the end of each day and placed into a solution.
With proper care of these lenses and wearing them as suggested, will allow you to wear them to the maximum provided the protein build up on the lens remains minimal and a proper solution such as AOsept or Complete is used.
Over wearing your lenses before placing them into a solution or to a point where the eyes become irritated is not suggested. This may encourage an eye infection or cause the eye to appear red and irritated.
Please be aware of the proper contact lens handling and cleaning procedure as explained to you by Mr De WITT and as shown to you on our compulsory short video at the time of fitting.
If at any stage your eyes become irritated, weep, are continuously red or show any other usual conditions, then; (a) Take the lenses out, i.e: don’t put any other lenses into your eyes and (b) Make an appointment to see Mr De Witt as soon as possible.
Hard contact lenses are still often used. Again, Our optometrist will advise you best should these be necessary.

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Fun Contact Lenses


Fun contact lenses are not perscription lenses and are great for parties and other occasions where you want to create a different side to you.

Please ask our helpful staff to assist you with these fun lenses.


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